Carl Kamph, Mattel's PKE replica designer, interviewed at GBFans

Don’t stand around here gawping. GBFans has a great interview with Mattel designer, Carl Kamph, how talks about the process involved in replicating the Ghostbusters PKE meter, and just how much effort went into making it as movie accurate as possible.

GBFans: Was the Mattel PKE Meter based off of an Iona shoe polisher, or was it a custom sculpt?

Carl: With the help of E-Bay and the Iona shoe polisher, it was my goal as a designer to offer the most authentic and affordable prop to the GB Fans. I was able to pull the original patent application to make certain that the correct wall thicknesses, draft angles, length and width were as close to the original as possible. In the end some details had to be adjusted to pass manufacturing and safety concerns, but it is important to know that each decision was made with all Ghostbuster Fans in mind.

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