Ghostheads make Ghostbusters inspired gametype for Halo: Reach

GBFans member and fan designer, Mecandes, has put together a customized gametype for Halo: Reach that is inspired by Ghostbusters. While not a mod, as some readers might be familiar with, in which uniforms or even game models are changed to reflect the world of Ghostbusters, Halo: Reach allows gamers a high level of configurability and creative use of game assets, as well as the ability to share their work with others. Read Mecandes’ description and you’ll see the inspiration;

Who doesn’t see the Focus Rifle and think “Ghostbusters”? So, my son and I worked on creating a fun Ghost Busters Firefight mode. You play as one of the four Ghostbusters [four lives]. You’re armed with a Proton Pack [jet pack, unusable] and Neutrona Wand particle thrower [focus rifle, unlimited ammo]. You must defend the Ecto Containment Unit [Generator Defense] from the invading minions of Gozer the Gozerian, who seek to release the spooks, spectres and ghosts within it. Remember: you’re a Ghostbuster in a CWU-27p flight suit, not a Spartan in MJOLNIR armor — and don’t cross the streams! It’s actually quite a challenging game mode. Optionally, a player can choose blue team and spawn as a Class 5 free-roaming vapor! You’re hard to see [poor camo], can float [low gravity and high jump], can project a full-torso apparition [hologram], and can slime the Ghostbusters [with an energy sword].

Nods to the father-son duo for making the map (I may have to get my hands on the game now), and big ups to Rob Huston for pointing me at the link.

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