Ladies Stay-Puft wallet, TRU 4-pack pre-orders, and GB shot glasses?

A parcel of things for you;

First off, if you’re keen to get the Toys R Us exclusive four-pack of the guys – complete with removable X-mas hats and Slimer – you can pre-order then online now.

Secondly, Hot Topic is apparently stocking Ghostbusters shot glasses (a set of 3) and slimed versions of the Ghostbusters logo belt buckle – has anyone seen these or can get a picture?

Finally, check out this amazing “ladies” wallet case from Bioworld – I say “ladies” because I’m tempted to get one for myself. Maybe that makes me a lady, I dunno. Do you think I’m pretty?
Being by Bioworld, you can watch for them anywhere, but right now I’ve only seen them at this Amazon retailer.

Big thanks to Peter and Jonathan for the heads ups.

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