High times for the Philly GBs

It’s been a banner week for the Philadelphia Ghostbusters, particularly member Ed Hartman. For starters, the team took part in two different walking events, the Laureldale Halloween Parade, as well as raising nearly $3000 for the Autism Speaks charity during their fund raising walk.

Then, if that wasn’t enough of a big deal, Ed turned 32 and his family pitched in to get a full-on, lights and everything Proton Pack. The day before the parade, in fact, so I can only hope/assume he wore it proudly the next day.

After eating (too much) pizza, I promptly blew out the candles and my wife handed me a huge card. Inside everyone had signed it with a little message, which was very touching. But as I thought that was it, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Coming down the basement steps was my sister, with my gift on her back. It was a replica Ghostbusters Proton Pack, with lights and everything. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My wildest dream had come true. As it turned out, my wife had gotten a hold of one of my friends in the Ghostbusters group through Facebook, and “commissioned” him to build me a pack. My whole family donated toward it. I was speechless and was quickly overwhelmed to the point of tears. It was an amazing feeling to be given something so perfect from such a supporting family.

Happy Birthday, Ed! (and everyone else out there, whenever your birthday is. You should see all the great cakes people post on the PC Facebook page.)

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