[PROMO] PC patches now on sale – bonus ghost-die! SOLD OUT!

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The time as come;

For as long as the limited supplies last, you, dear reader, can own your very own Proton Charging logo patch. Two and a half inches high (note the quarter for scale) and heat-press/iron-on ready, five colours. Pretty.

But it doesn’t end there – I’m tossing in, as a bonus (these are worth a few bucks on their own, but I’m including them freebie), a Proton Charging ghost-die. Handy, as you’ll recall that all the original ghost-dice, that came with the GB role-playing game, were cheap, and the ghost (not to mention the numbers) always wore off. These are top-notch gaming dice, with the PC logo etched in the 6 position.

How do you get a pair of these?

2- Have $10 per set (which includes shipping in North America – add two bucks to the order if you’re overseas)
PayPal is my preference, but I will try and accommodate as best I can for those without a
PayPal account, or cannot find one to borrow.
3- Email Me or Facebook message me your interest and for how many sets. Include PROTON CHARGING PATCHES in the subject line. I won’t be taking orders through comments, and emails/messages without the subject line will be ignored. I don’t want to be a jerk about it, but corralling a whackload of orders is time and trouble I don’t have a lot of margin for, so the smoother this goes, the better (and the more likely I’ll keep doing stuff like it in the future.)
4- I will then email you PayPal info (or a PayPal invoice, ideally, if I can sort that out.) Once I’ve received payment, away it goes.

I know many of you have commented on the patches before and I hope you dig them as much as I have (and Dan Aykroyd has – he got one on a hat from me.) And even if you’ve never played the Ghostbusters role-playing game, perhaps the dice will inspire you to try it out!

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