FilmDrunk counters "Aykroyd is rewriting GB3" web-storm

FilmDrunk was about as happy with the flurry of “Dan Aykroyd is rewriting Ghostbusters 3 script” as I was, for pretty much the same reason. Each and every one took typical, tenuous comments from Aykroyd and took them to mean a) Dan is totally rewriting the script and that’s awesome, and b) this means the movie is TOTALLY greenlit and that’s awesome.

The trouble is there was still no source other than Dan saying the movie was greenlit and having read Dan’s first draft for Hellbent (his original Ghostbusters 3 script), Dan rewriting the script is not a slamdunk of awesome. It’s a slamdunk of really awesome Ghostbusters techno-speak, but it doesn’t spell a great script. Everyone forgets Ghostbusters was Ghostbusters because Dan wrote a crazy, out-of-this-world idea about guys that bust ghosts, Harold Ramis went over it and pumped up the funny, Ivan Reitman went through it and had them take out all the outer-space stuff, then all the actors brought their A-game to the set.

But, not content to just let the sleeping dogs lie, FilmDrunk hit up their source who is close to the project (unnamed, but described as trusted, so… take that as you will);

* Aykroyd is involved enough that the studio will listen to his input, but he’s NOT doing a rewrite of the script, which the director (Reitman) and studio (Columbia) are already happy with.
* Stupnitskenberg are currently the only writers on the project and as of now the studio has no plans to replace them
* Ramis, Reitman, and Aykroyd have all signed on, and the script is going out to Bill Murray now.
* Without Murray, there’s no movie. (And he’s always seemed pretty wishy-washy on it, but that’s kind of his thing).
* If he agrees, pre-production will start early next year for a late spring/early summer start date and a Thanksgiving or Christmas 2012 release.

So, Dan may be re-writing, but not an official re-write. But the key point to walk away with is that the first script has gone to Bill and Bill will make or break this film. Given he has been negative towards the script (unread, mind you – his comments were based on stuff he’d heard), that could be a giant exclamation mark.

What’s all this mean?

Provided any part of any of this is true?
Nothing. It means sit still and be patient and don’t listen to every Internet shit-storm that comes along – they want ad traffic, not facts.

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