GB Day in Italy a rousing success – Sony rep confirms script approval

Stefano Paganini addresses GB fans in Rome (photo by GB Italia)Ghostbusters Italia recently held Ghostbusters Day 2010 – a fantastic gathering of fans and even some of the famous voice actors that dubbed the boys in grey into Italian!

Also in attendance was Stefano Paganini, Product Marketing Manager (Catalogue, Animation and TV series at Sony Pictures Entertainment) for Sony Entertainment Itay. While addressing the fans, he happily reported (paraphrased from the English translation of the Italian, by me);

“I spoke about [Ghostbusters Day] with my boss in Los Angeles. She has let me let you know that the script for Ghostbusters 3 has been approved. So the engine has been turned on!”

This confirms what has been heard before, that the Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg first draft, has been accepted and the process is moving ahead. It also leaves a lot of the usual questions unanswered – like, has Sony accepted it or has everyone accepted it? Can Bill Murray (who apparently still hasn’t read the script) still sink the project?

But… it’s the one thing we’ve been waiting on more than almost anything else. An actual Sony rep confirming there’s a script and that it is at least good enough to move the process forward.

So, congrats to the Italia GBs for their awesome event, and hooray! Sony finally said something about Ghostbusters 3! Let’s savour that for a moment before the next round of internet rumours start up again.


If you want to know more about how the event went, has a great write up, complete with videos. Here’s hoping this is the start of a long tradition!

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