Bill Murray accepts Zombieland honors at Scream Awards in GB gear!

It’s hard to have an awards show in the digital age.
Photos and even videos are everywhere, of Bill Murray accepting an award, purportedly as winner for the Best Cameo catagory, thanks to his still-talked-about appearance in Zombieland, at the 2010 Spike TV Scream Awards. In a complete Venkman jumpsuit and sporting a full proton-pack (on loan from GBFans prop builder, Sean Bishop), Bill appears to be building bridges with Sony and the Ghostbusters franchise (which lends a lot more weight to recent news that Sony has given the script for Ghostbusters 3 a thumbs up.)
The Scream Awards will air on Spike TV, Tuesday, October 19th (check local listings for times.) A long-shot iPhone video clip of Bills acceptance speech is already online – you have to wait through a minute and a half of screaming, but its worth is, as Bill comes out to the theme to Ghostbusters. Truly, there was considerable effort put into hyping Ghostbusters at the event. Afterwards, Bill took time to greet fans and sign some autographs (note the dirty smudge from the bit, still on his face.)
Big thanks to my brother for spotting the cam-snap above, and to everyone else that flooded the inbox with emails.

[Zimbio photos VIA GBNews]
[Sean Bishop info VIA GBfans]

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