Trap Em All design coming to a t-shirt near you! [UPDATE]

Their FAQ has a list of countries they ship to;

And for everyone wondering about the colours;

The t-shirt creator doesn’t think they have other colours, but he did say that the actual shirts aren’t as they look in the photo. It’s actually an off-white rather than yellow, and a light blue instead of pastel-blue.

If you followed coverage of The Autumn Society’s 3G art show, you’ll likely recall Scott Derby’s amazing Trap Em All design, heavily inspired by both Ghostbusters and classic tattoo styling. And a few of you even said it should be turned into a t-shirt.

Well, guess what…?

The shirts will be available November 1st at Tee Fury – for more information, check out The Autumn Society’s post on the shirt. BUT! It will only be available for 24 hours (as with all Tee Fury shirts)! The cost of the shirt is $9 with very affordable shipping (starting at $2).

Thanks to Joseph for the heads up – and, of course, being partially responsible for this awesome shirt coming into existance.

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