Tampa Bay GBs get some nice Halloween press coverage.

The Tampa Bay Ghostbusters – charity enthusiasts and frequent IDW comic cover models – have been featured in a detailed and sizable article in the St. Petersburg Times.

Creel, 31, has been a fan of Ghostbusters since it debuted in 1984. Over the years, he’s watched the movie, the 1989 sequel and the animated TV shows that followed more times than he can count. One of his best moments was when Dan Aykroyd, a co-star who helped write the movie, signed his ghost-fighting proton gun.

Creel’s Belleair living room is a shrine to his spooky passion, which he’d love to spin into a job. He’s got Ghostbusters stuff galore, from autographed posters to a containment unit for storing “negatively charged ectoplasmic entities.”

Creel and his friends are as much fans of the movie as they are prop builders. It’s not unusual for them to spend weeks or months making a proton pack or ghost trap to exact specifications outlined on gbfans.com.

Bonus kudos for GBFans.com!

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