SyFy show spots GB2 Fettucini painting on Sony lot.

SyFy’s original series, Hollywood Treasure, in which prop and costume hunter, Joe Maddalena, goes looking for lost and forgotten Hollywood gold that he can buy and then auction off. It’s like Pawn Stars meets Profiles In History.

In the second (and most recent episode), Joe visits Sony, and as he and his escort pass down a hallway, we get a clear shot of the Ghostbusters 2 Vigo painting, after it had been transformed goofily into the Ghostbusters – the Fettucini painting, if you will. We also get a clear sense of scale – the painting really is en par with the original Vigo painting, something the film never firmly established visually (obviously it would be, but there was something in the editing that kind of failed to anchor the idea.)

The painting is only seen in the episode – it is not part of any sale, so rest assured, it’s safe and sound at Sony (just as Vigo is safe and sound at Lucasranch.)

Americans, you can watch the episode online at SyFy Rewind. The rest of the world, America hates us. Well, SyFy does, at any rate.

Thanks to Joseph B. for the heads up and screenshot!

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