Halloween 2010 wrap-up!

Well, the season has come and gone and there’s nothing left but to look around at how Halloween went, and to promise ourselves that this year time next year, for sure, you’ll have finally build yourself that proton pack.

First up, the Ghostbusters of New Hampshire look like they had a good time and some TV coverage;

You can check out their write-up and more pictures at their website.

The day before Halloween (All Hallow’s Eve… eve?) The Philadelphia Ghostbusters held a Halloween Party to benefit LaMancha Animal Rescue at The Highland Park Fire Company in Upper Darby, PA.

On hand was the extremely talented Divine Hand Ensemble, to perform a concert for those in attendance. The highlight of their performance was easily their amazing “Ghostbusters Suite”, featuring their own rendition of Elmer Bernstein’s memorable score!

All told, $610.00 was raised for the charity. Nice work, gang!

The Ghostbusters, The Ecto, Mr. Stay Puft, and the Highland Park Fire Company made such an impressive Halloween impression outside the building, that Fox News Channel 29’s own anchorwoman Joyce Evans was passing by and had to stop. After chatting the group up, she made good on her promise and made sure we made an appearance on the 10 o’clock news the following evening. Check out their photos on Facebook.

And as usual, there are lots and lots and lots of pics out there from various people! Check out the growing collection on Flickr.

Got more? Send them in!

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