IDW's Haunted Holidays trade paperback in stores today!

IDW’s compilation trade paperback, Haunted Holidays, collects all their holiday-themed one-shot comics together. And it’s in stores today, for the low low price of $17.99USD.

“But,” you say “I already have all the one-shots, why would I want the TPB?”

For one simple reason – hot on the heels of What In Samhain Just Happened, the Halloween one-shot by Dapper Dan Schoening and Peter David, the TPB contains Guess What’s Coming To Dinner, a special, 9 page Thanksgiving one-shot story, by Dapper Dan and James “Cereal Geek” Eatock. You’ll recall the duo made a pitch to IDW way back when, as well as shared it online. That pitch essentially paved the way for both projects, and if they sell well, will hopefully lead to more in the future.

Having just read the TPB and the special story, I think it’s safe to say, every comic loving ghosthead that wants to see more should pick this book up – they will not be disappointed, and it can only help lead to more quality Ghostbusters comics from IDW.

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