It's official – Ghostbusters cakes are a phenomenon!

The first couple of Ghostbusters cakes I saw, I figured they were just unique and cool. Now Andrew has sent in pics from his wedding and dress rehearsal, each of which had its own special cake, made just for him. When we’re up to a half-dozen Groom’s cakes inspired by Ghostbusters, the cake phenomenon is official. Congrats to Andrew and Patrice, and thanks for sending the cake pics!

Back in April i got married to my awesome wife Patrice who allowed me to get not one, but two Ghostbusters cakes for our wedding. The proton Pack we used for our rehearsal dinner/bowling party and the Ecto-1 was the “official” groomsman cake. i didn’t eat the Ecto-1 for a week (i just couldn’t destroy the thing on my wedding day, it was just too awesome to cut up).

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