McBusters: First two episodes and GBN interview

At some point, possibly after a night of bar hopping topped off with a visit to McDonalds, animator Myke Chilian got it into his head to create a cartoon mixing McDonalds and Ghostbusters. Yes, I know it’s hard to imagine someone could think of something like that, which is why I suggested drinking and fast foods. The only other option is insanity. Creative insanity. CREATIVE INSANITY LIKE A FOX!

Posted at Channel 101 initially, the first episode got enough positive feedback to allow Chilian to make a follow up (Channel 101 requires creators to earn their follow-ups.) A mix of references (both GB and McD) with a helping of comedy and swearing, the results are fall down funny. Look! The magic of the Internet allows you to watch them here, if you haven’t seen them elsewhere already.

And then, with that fresh in your mind, you can read GhostbustersNews’ interview with Chilian himself. Remember, there won’t be any thirds unless this second episode goes well.

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