LAPD on the lookout for stolen PKE Meter

Jack sent in this link to the LAPD website, which maintains a visual list of stolen “art” objects (art, meaning loosely, anything highly unique) – the list includes animation cels, rare comics, carvings, instruments, an so on, and is maintained in the hopes that the public, particularly specialty dealers, will keep an eye out for them. Notice how the INCREDIBLY RARE INSTRUMENTS have been recovered. Dudes – don’t go into Strat theft if you can’t move them. Those things are so specific and individual, you might as well just turn yourself into the police if you steal one.

Anyhow, the list also includes a small selection of collectibles, including… an actual PKE Meter. Details on the item are non-existent (for obvious reasons), but even the small accompanying photos (I’ve managed to pull larger versions off the website – you’re welcome) gives you a sense that the item was made awhile ago. And a prop replica probably wouldn’t make this particular list, so it’s not a stretch to assume this is a filmed prop. The question is, how many were made for filming (just the one?) and where is it now? And what’s the thing coming out the bottom of the handle?

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