Cross the Streams 10 goes live – NHGB and AGB interviewed!

On the November 2010 edition of Cross the Streams Radio Show, in this episode we take a look at the work that goes into fan films with New Hampshire Ghostbuster/Filmmaker, Kevin James and Alabama Ghostbuster/Filmmaker Adam Schwartz.

As always we hope everyone enjoys this episode, however, if you or your franchise would like to visit our show, or if you have any there are any questions you’d like answered, concerns of the show, comments both positive or negative about the show, feel free to email us at:

We would like to wish everyone a Safe & Happy Thanksgiving!

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Show 10

Brendan calls a department store to find a Neutrona Wand
Round Table:
Ghostbusers Gambling Machine?!
Two Ghostheads & Conan
Ghostbusters Return
Ghostheads Movie – How fans can help!
Behind the Scene of Spilled Milk
Casting apparently begins for GB3, but no official confirmation. Anna Ferris reps confirm her not in GB3.
GB United Website Launched!

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