Ghostbusters United launches – a world of GB teams in one place

Ghostbusters United has one simple plan – to create a place that doesn’t fill up with chat, or news, or files, or pictures… it’s where you go to find out where all the Ghostbuster franchise teams in the world are. It’s perfect, leaving the chatter and discussion to other sites, and distilling everything down to the basics – where can I find a GB Team and are they near me?

And if like, the site invites teams to “register” with the site – it’s a simple task with very loose but appropriate guidelines. Do people see you and say “A Ghostbuster!” ? Do you have a friend the same way? You’re a franchise – sign here please.

You can read the press release at GB Fans here, but in their own words;

Think of all the times people have wondered and asked if there was a way to tie all the teams together. It always seems like such a natural progression of thought, seeing as how many amazing franchises are out there now. From coast to coast in the US and on just about every continent out there (stupid Antarctica…) you’ll find GB teams now. Enough people have asked us on the New Hampshire team if there was some name for all of us, some sort of “union” for lack of a better term. Why not put it to rest and finally get this show on the road.

The goal here is not to make a new message board or news site- our community has plenty of fine examples of both out there. In fact, GBU has a news feed that pulls news from each franchises’ RSS feed as well as from Proton Charging & GB News’ “franchise” categories- whenever a team has a story run about them one one of those sites it makes an appearance on GBU. This encourages everyone to work on their own team’s website- making sure that we can all do as we please with each team without feeling obligated to abide by any unnecessary pressures while we have our fun. The goal of GBU, pure and simple, is to have a place where we can find every team under one roof.

I love this plan and I’m excited to be a part of it!

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