Ghostbusters United launches – a world of GB teams in one place

Ghostbusters United has one simple plan – to create a place that doesn’t fill up with chat, or news, or files, or pictures… it’s where you go to find out where all the Ghostbuster franchise teams in the world are. It’s perfect, leaving the chatter and discussion to other sites, and distilling everything down to the basics – where can I find a GB Team and are they near me?

And if like, the site invites teams to “register” with the site – it’s a simple task with very loose but appropriate guidelines. Do people see you and say “A Ghostbuster!” ? Do you have a friend the same way? You’re a franchise – sign here please.

You can read the press release at GB Fans here, but in their own words;

Think of all the times people have wondered and asked if there was a way to tie all the teams together. It always seems like such a natural progression of thought, seeing as how many amazing franchises are out there now. From coast to coast in the US and on just about every continent out there (stupid Antarctica…) you’ll find GB teams now. Enough people have asked us on the New Hampshire team if there was some name for all of us, some sort of “union” for lack of a better term. Why not put it to rest and finally get this show on the road.

The goal here is not to make a new message board or news site- our community has plenty of fine examples of both out there. In fact, GBU has a news feed that pulls news from each franchises’ RSS feed as well as from Proton Charging & GB News’ “franchise” categories- whenever a team has a story run about them one one of those sites it makes an appearance on GBU. This encourages everyone to work on their own team’s website- making sure that we can all do as we please with each team without feeling obligated to abide by any unnecessary pressures while we have our fun. The goal of GBU, pure and simple, is to have a place where we can find every team under one roof.

I love this plan and I’m excited to be a part of it!

Casting apparently begins for GB3, but no official confirmation. [UPDATE]

First off, big thanks to Jason and Hayden for the heads up.

Early this morning posted that casting has begun in Los Angeles and Chicago for Ghostbusters 3. It’s exciting news, but continues without official context – Feature Film Auditions uses the quote from the Italian Sony rep in its article set-up – a quote that Sony has yet to officially confirm. That said, the auditions listing contains a number of interesting details that give it the heft of a real listing, such as the listing of Dan Aykroyd’s Harold Ramis’ production company, Ocean Pictures.

As well, the article lists Richard Mento as the LA casting head – Mento has a solid resume of casting for teen-to-twenty-something films, including Youth in Revolt. As well, the timing is about right for a film due – allegedly – to begin shooting in the Spring of 2011.
[UPDATE] It’s looking like bad text layout may have skewed my read – Instead of Richard Mento from the Joanna Colbert Casting Agency, it appears it’s Richard Mento / Joanna Colbert casting. Meaning, Mento may not be the casting lead. In fact, hints have been made that Joanna Colbert is more likely to be the principle casting director in this case, but again, this is all unconfirmed.

Two details are unique. The first is the inclusion of Anna Faris as one of the new team of Ghostbusters. The other is that filming will take place in LA… and Chicago? This isn’t a crazy idea, if you consider that Ocean Pictures and Harold Ramis are based in Chicago. Not to mention Aykroyd’s love of the city. But this flies in the face of an iconically New York film Franchise. Perhaps production has decided it’s time to write a ghosty love-letter to a new city. Or maybe Chicago is where the new team is sent, either as a satellite office or for a particular bust.

The long awaited “Ghostbusters 3” is finally set to go into production early 2011. Initial casting for the film’s main characters will take place in Los Angeles, and additional casting will be conducted in Chicago, where filming is to take place.


A ragtag group of paranormal researchers reopen their notorious ghost removal service, and a new generation of Ghostbusters is brought on board to be green slimed and trained to contain the mischievous spirits.

I’m filing this under Stay Tuned for now, as there is little to credit or discredit it either way. At face value, it’s certainly curious and mildly exciting.

[UPDATE] It’s been pointed out that Chicago is, in recent years, a popular stand-in for New York. Given the logistical problems filming in New York on the previous two movies, it’s not unreasonable to posit that Chicago will stand in for non-specific exteriors, minimizing the need to film in New York, and allowing production to focus their time film exteriors at places like the firehall.

[UPDATE] On Location Vacations, which helps direct travelers to filming locations, has posted the casting news, and have their own update “from an inside source”, saying that production will not be moving to Chicago, and will remain in New York. I’ve heard similar things throughout the day from a couple of sources, so assuming this is all legit, it looks like Chicago will not be doubling as New York – perhaps it’s merely a convenience thing, for Chicago-based Ramis. (shrug)

[UPDATE] has posted the casting story and they are claiming they have a source that cannot confirm much of anything, other than casting has begun. This would be a second party confirming, unofficially, the original casting listing. Hard to gauge the quality of the sources, but it continues to build into something more than the usual Internet wildfire. We’ll just have to wait and see. In a twist, Hollywood Insider’s source didn’t know anything about Anna Faris, other than Sony likes her (supporting the initial report), but did say that SNL names like Bill Hader and Will Forte were being moved around as well.

[UPDATE] Arrrgh. Give me a hoax or internet hot-air to work with any day. This maybe-maybe not stuff drives me nuts.

Entertainment Weekly has spoken to reps for Anna Faris
(as well as Will Forte and pretty much anybody else mentioned recently) and they are NOT cast for the movie… and then they say nothing about the validity of the casting call. That’s like only putting out half-a-fire. And who better to kill bad info than EW? And yet, nothing. Thanks guys. Mind you, EW operates at a level where often certain things aren’t said unless they are cleared (and also, you don’t out-scoop your print mag.)

LAPD on the lookout for stolen PKE Meter

Jack sent in this link to the LAPD website, which maintains a visual list of stolen “art” objects (art, meaning loosely, anything highly unique) – the list includes animation cels, rare comics, carvings, instruments, an so on, and is maintained in the hopes that the public, particularly specialty dealers, will keep an eye out for them. Notice how the INCREDIBLY RARE INSTRUMENTS have been recovered. Dudes – don’t go into Strat theft if you can’t move them. Those things are so specific and individual, you might as well just turn yourself into the police if you steal one.

Anyhow, the list also includes a small selection of collectibles, including… an actual PKE Meter. Details on the item are non-existent (for obvious reasons), but even the small accompanying photos (I’ve managed to pull larger versions off the website – you’re welcome) gives you a sense that the item was made awhile ago. And a prop replica probably wouldn’t make this particular list, so it’s not a stretch to assume this is a filmed prop. The question is, how many were made for filming (just the one?) and where is it now? And what’s the thing coming out the bottom of the handle?

Infestation release schedule and promo material!

If you went by your local comic shop today (and why wouldn’t you?) you may have spotted IDW’s Infestation primer mini-comic. If you didn’t, here’s everything you’ll want to know.

Infestation Release Schedule
Infestation #1 – Jan. 26, 2011
Transformers: Infestation #1 – Feb. 2, 2011
Star Trek: Infestation #1 – Feb. 9, 2011
Transformers: Infestation #2 – Feb. 16, 2011
Star Trek: Infestation #2 – Feb. 23, 2011
G.I. Joe: Infestation #1 – Mar. 2, 2011
Ghostbusters: Infestation #1 – Mar. 9, 2011
G.I. Joe: Infestation #2 – Mar. 16, 2011
Ghostbusters: Infestation #2 – Mar. 23, 2011
Infestation #2 – Apr. 6, 2011

The comics are supposed to stand alone, as there is no cross-over between the licenses, but you might at least consider picking up Infestation #1-2, for the set-up/wrap-up, as well as the Ghostbusters issues, if you’re not going to buy them all. The primer mini-comics are free and your local comic shop probably got a pile of them, so if you’d like one, be sure to ask.

Be sure to check out the third image below, with the dialogue between the Ghostbusters.