Production Weekly reports GB3 production start, Spring 2011

Well, if it were anybody else…

Production Weekly, a trade magazine that comprehensively tracks the status of projects in the entertainment industry, tweeted the following today;

As usual, a lot is left unsaid and unconfirmed – who did they hear this from? A lot of people are saying a lot of things right now, and most of it is conjecture. Also, it`s possible that Production Weekly is just as capable of throwing exciting, but unconfirmed fluff into a Twitter post, just to keep their feed spicy. But it is still Production Weekly. So, for the moment, I will mark by calendar with a question mark in red. Underlined twice and circled.

Thanks to Ivan for the link.

Mattel explains delay of Slime-blower Winston. Art Asylum consider Trap bank.

In today’s Ask Matty, Mattel cuts to the quick about the mysteriously delayed Slime-blower Winston. Collectors rejoice, it was to make him more movie accurate;

1.) You recently announced that the Winston w/ Slime Blower was delayed. Is there any chance the delay is because you’re adding the “football pads” part of his outfit?

He is delayed to make him more accurate to the film. He will have the full vest and pads when released.

Thanks to T16skyhopp for the heads up.


In unrelated news, Art Asylum has expressed serious interest in creating a ghost-trap piggy bank to join their growing line of Ghostbusters theme piggy banks. One can only assume that means all the other banks have sold very well for them.

Baby, it's cold outside – let's do some papercraft

Big nods to Matt for pointing this out to me – has these awesome little papercraft Ghostbusters for you to print out and put together. Sadly, Winston is missing, but I’m sure someone handy with Photoshop could remedy the situation in short order.

You and download the printout here and there’s a whole load of photos (Ghostbusters and other projects) at the Paperkraft Flickr site.

[VIA Super Punch]

Two new California Aykroyd signings in November & December

After overhauling (presumably to make it easier to post things like regular signing schedules, etc.) there are two new opportunities for California ghostheads to meet the man himself;

Stater Brothers
31813 Temucula Parkway
Temucula, CA
Thursday November 18 at 05:00 PM

3150 Fostoria Way
Danville, CA
Wednesday December 01 at 04:00 PM

While spaced a bit apart, it’s likely more dates may drop in, as they have in the past. Stay tuned.