Art Asylum focusing on RGB Minimates next year!

It was mentioned earlier in the year – well, unofficially hinted at really – that Diamond Select Toys would be releasing Real Ghostbusters Minimates in 2011. Well, it turns out it’s a bit more than that.

Contrary to some reports, Series 4, which will be available in limited amounts for a limited time (your best bet? will have some) is not the end of the line for the movie Ghostbusters Minimates. Rather, according to this week’s Q&A at Art Asylum’s website (which included some repeat talk about there being no Ecto-1 car planned for the Minimates and that a firehall is being considered, but is currently manufacturing problem with no good solution), in which it is said that the movie GBs are taking a rest for now, and MAYBE will be back later, but for all of 2011 the focus will be on The Real Ghostbusters.

Justin Huffman

Chuck, Marvel – Thanks for finally announcing the official line-up for Marvel Wave 38. I am particularly happy with this wave, as it includes quite a few characters I have been anxiously awaiting. That said, there are quite a few members of the Multiverse that are expressing their disappointment with this wave due to the character selection. Has DST given anymore thought to running a “Fan Poll” for an upcoming wave of Marvel Mates, similar to the Secret Wars/Captain America boxsets at TRU? This could really help generate some additional interest for the line, and would allow for an eclectic line of characters the fans really want. Ghostbusters – you recently Tweeted about the RGB line for next year, I can’t wait to see how these turn out! Are the GB Movie ‘mates finished? The 4th boxset was announced, and it is a re-release of some of the ghosts. This is great for those that missed them, but a little disappointing for die-hard fans that are still wanting a GB1 Janine. Will we ever see GB1 Janine in Minimate form? As always, thanks for your time.

DSTChuck: Well Justin I am glad you like the line up and I am of course sorry not every fans is happy, but honestly there is not much we can do. There is really no way to make each line up perfect for every fan. I do think the idea TRU has to go from maybe a list of 6 or 7 down to four works pretty well for them and it does give fans some say into what they will be buying. Even that system is not perfect, we get lots of feedback after those votes that we’ve got the wrong ones in there or that we must have stuffed the ballot box. I think yes for now we’re going to take a step back from the movie versions of Ghostbusters. Maybe we’ll come back to it at some point but as of now all new release for the next year will be RGB.

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