Weaver says Murray is up for GB3

Once it became slightly more clear that Dan Aykroyd’s cheerleading, while essential to the continued existence of Ghostbusters as a franchise, is often potentially in the realm of “say anything to keep things alive and people talking“, I figured talk of Ghostbusters 3 would be few and far between.

Imagine my surprise when Sigourney Weaver, promoting her new Lifetime channel movie – Prayers for Bobby – had something interesting to say about The Sequel. As in previous comments, she talks broadly about the state of the script and specifically about her wish/desire that Oscar be one of the new Ghostbusters – all comments that have been of limited use in the past. But she did specifically speak about talking to Bill Murray at his infamous Spike Scream Awards appearance;

I just saw Bill Murray at the Scream Awards, and he said we’re gonna do it, but I’m not sure. I think no one’s really read a script. But I’ve talked to Ivan Reitman. He definitely wants to do it. There was a script that was being rewritten as of about a year ago. The one thing I said is that I’ll do it if Oscar, my little son, can be a Ghostbuster, and I think he liked that idea.

If a genuine comment on Murray’s part, it’s a small bit of hope to keep us warm over the holidays.

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