Busterpalooza 2011

As a continuing sign of just how much/fast Ghostbusters fandom has grown, a second fan-gathering is set to take off this year. Set in May (well clear of September’s DragonCon / PKE Surge) the Houston Area Ghostbusters are hosting – along with the Louisiana Ghostbusters and the Dallas/Ft. Worth Ghostbusters – Busterpalooza!

If you’re here then you’ve heard about an upcoming event called “Busterpalooza!” This event is going to be a large gathering of Ghostbusters fans of all kinds. Everyone from the casual fan who might own a shirt to the nutjobs who spend hours meticulously recreating the props to wear outdoors in view of the public.

Part of the growing Comicpalooza convention (May 27-29) in Houston, Busterpalooza is hosted by the Houston Area Ghostbusters with help from their neighbors the Louisiana Ghostbusters, and the Dallas/Ft. Worth Ghostbusters.

The event is still in the planning stages and is ever evolving so swing by often for more updates and visit our forum to discuss the event and help us flesh out our ideas!

Planning appears to be moving right along, so those of you who can’t make it to Atlanta due to timing or distance might want to check this out.

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