Cereal Geek #6 and #7 keep the RGB goodtimes goin’! Exclusive sneak-peeks!

Cereal Geek magazine, thanks to the big response they got from retailers via Diamond’s Preview catalog, is up to their seventh issue, and the two newest, issues six and seven, continue to feature a lot of love for The Real Ghostbusters. Articles include a look at the US and UK comic series, including Egon in a list of Saturday Morning’s brainiest characters, the previously seen, but it’s nice to see it in print pitch that Editor-in-Chief James Eatock and partner Dan Schoening sent to IDW, and for all the ‘shippers out there, a look at the Egon/Janine loooooove connection. Oh, and an interview with RGB scribe, Richard Mueller! And a whole lot of splash pages, including one by RGB comic cover artist, Ken Stacey. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg according to Eatock.

Really, if you haven’t been buying this magazine, you’re missing out.

You can order the issue through your local comic shop (make sure to admonish them for not bringing it in copies for the store!) or you can buy online through the Cereal Geek website!

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