Mk. 1 Inflatable Mr. Stay-Puft exclusive pics and concepts!

Way back in 2007, Sony Pictures put together a series of important meetings with major US retailers, to get them all excited about upcoming Ghostbusters merch, including the video game, which at the time was two years away from completion and still with Vivendi Universal as its publisher.

As head of the dedicated team that helped revive Ghostbusters as a license for the new millennium, Keith L. had a large hand in helping get a lot of things off the ground, including the infamous inflatable Mr. Stay-Puft. Keith has kindly sent some of his own pics from when they first rolled the inflatable marshmallow man for one very specific retailer (see if you can guess who – check out the modified Ghostbusters logo in the one picture and you’ll be on target) – he also sent a concept sketch from the design and building of the air-filled statuary. Between the sketch and the final Stay-Puft, you might be able to see some extra details that weren’t included (or rather were simplified down) in the few additional Stay-Pufts they had made for shipping all over.

Big thanks to Keith for sharing all this cool information from an important, but little documented time in Ghostbusters history.

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