More covers and variants for Infestation series!

A couple of weeks back we had a look at the two covers for the first issue of IDW’s Ghostbusters Infestation #1 (as well as some un-worded pages) and now we’ve got a few more to look at. First up, Comic Book Resources have an alternate “sketch” version of Infestation #1, which kicks off the series later this month. The cover features a penciled Pete Venkman (et al), and while the book may be of less interest to Ghostbusters fans than the two Ghostbusters specific issues coming later, it will likely make some reference to the Zombies’ move to the GB universe.

And GBFans spotted cover A for issue #2 of Ghostbusters: Infestation, as well as the retailer incentive covers for issue #1 and #2. No sign of cover B for the second issue yet. Stay tuned.

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