The Atlantic urges Bill Murray to make Ghostbusters 3

The Atlantic should sound familiar to most of you – it features quite prominently in Ghostbusters. If you’re still not sure what I mean, then have a look at this re-imagining by Dapper Dan Schoening.

Ah, yes. Right?

Well, The Atlantic has written a letter to Bill Murray, asking him to make Ghostbusters 3, not just for our sake, but his own.

Make Ghostbusters 3, Bill. Please? The long-awaited, long-long-long-rumored third installment could start shooting this year—but only if you agree to appear in it. Ivan Reitman, on a recent publicity tour for No Strings Attached, said you have been sent a reworked script. They even used your idea about Venkman dying and coming back to haunt the cast, too That’s badass. You’ll be like Swayze in Ghost, dude. With Sigourney Weaver as your Demi Moore. Pretty please? Maybe you could turn the whole thing to your advantage. Back when the studios were fighting over who would make the first Ghostbusters, you used that leverage to get The Razor’s Edge financed. You could do the same now—agree to make the threequel of the studio will finance a film you do care about.

OK, admittedly, author Hampton Stevens is a little behind the curve, as the whole Venkman-as-ghost thing has pretty much been left on the cutting room floor of screenplays that didn’t survive to production, but all in all, his heart is in the right place. Bill could use some love and laughs. We all could. And if that’s not enough, consider it job creation during a recession.

Thanks to Peter McGovern for the link!

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