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Two new GB inspired shirts today, one available from Tee Fury for, as usual, one day only. The other is by Jerry, who did that awesome Star Wars/Ghostbusters Tee Fury shirt last week – only, this one isn’t a shoo-in to buy yet, as he needs your votes!

First, Tee Fury – big thanks to Smoothie for the tip. Gotta trap ’em all! I’m not sure high energy proton streams are good for a Pokemon, but I know one thing – unlike a Pokeball, you do NOT get out of a ghost trap. The shirt is $9 and will be gone forever in 21 hours!

On to Jerry’s – this is not the first time Stay Puft has run with the Kaiju, but never has he been at such a disadvantage. Thumbs up, Jer – good luck!
Head on over to Design By Humans and vote that baby up so we can all buy one!

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