New Tee Fury shirt today! And another looking for your vote!

Two new GB inspired shirts today, one available from Tee Fury for, as usual, one day only. The other is by Jerry, who did that awesome Star Wars/Ghostbusters Tee Fury shirt last week – only, this one isn’t a shoo-in to buy yet, as he needs your votes!

First, Tee Fury – big thanks to Smoothie for the tip. Gotta trap ’em all! I’m not sure high energy proton streams are good for a Pokemon, but I know one thing – unlike a Pokeball, you do NOT get out of a ghost trap. The shirt is $9 and will be gone forever in 21 hours!

On to Jerry’s – this is not the first time Stay Puft has run with the Kaiju, but never has he been at such a disadvantage. Thumbs up, Jer – good luck!
Head on over to Design By Humans and vote that baby up so we can all buy one!

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