IGN Sanctum of Slime gameplay preview!

[UPDATE] It’s been pointed out that this trailer is a little spoilerific, or rather, contains one sizable spoiler – in the hurry to post it up during a work day, I neglected to point that out. So, better late than never, don’t watch the trailer if you want the story of the game to be a total surprise. Otherwise, you’re going to get an eyeball full of story screens.


The title says it all – check out this brief, but highly informative look at Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime. Revelations include a look at the IDW supplied story segments, guest cameo by Janosz Poha (not just his nephew, as previously heard, one of the new team), and a look at the trapping mechanics, which in this isometric gameplay angle, involves following a variable button sequence (a simple and clever alternative to the not-bad, but not perfect 3D in 2D method TVG had.)

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