Cross the Streams podcast, episode 11 now online

The guys kind of went nuts on their opener this episode. Was it like that last episode?

Celebrate this February Valentine’s Day Special of ‘Cross the Streams Radio Show’ with Matt Prov as he is out of the studio ready to report on his “big finding” in Toronto. We also have special guests, Louisiana Ghostbuster Ryan Burke, Ghostbusters United’s Kevin James…and the guy who made ‘The Ghostbusters Snuggie’.

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Matt Prov’s ‘Big Surprise’
Round Table:
Singing Stay Puft plushies now available for pre-order
It’s a Ghostbusters Snuggie!
Custom Janine Melnitz inspired by IDW comic
McBusters Episode 3 now available
Ghostbusters United Handbook + Newsletter

Special Guests: Kevin James, Ryan Burke… and that dude who made the ‘Ghostbusters Snuggie.’

We hope everyone enjoys the episode, and we’d love to hear from more franchises all over the world to keep every posted and to help promote charity events or any and all Ghostbuster gatherings.

To touch base with either Brendan, Matt or Andrew write to us at

We can’t wait to hear from anyone, good, bad or even ugly.

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