Photos of Mattel display at NYTF 2011 (75+! and video) [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] Video! With a nice look at the tri-pod trap used at the Orrefors bust in Ghostbusters 2.

[UPDATE] Toy Ark has posted some pictures from the Mattel booth as well – particularly nice are the pics of the Winston/Venkman 12″ figs. has posted three pages of pics from the Mattel display at the 2011 New York Toy Fair, while Toy News International has 22 pics of their own. ActionFigs has some nice pics, but I think TNI has the clearer pics.

Today Mattel was showing off;
– Retro Action Real Ghostbusters
– Movie Masters (12″) GB2 Winston and Venkman (Both have an AMAZING array of accessories. Winston, of course, has his slime blower)
– Lab coat 6″ Egon with Library Ghost
– 6″ Vinz Clortho with interchangeable heads and pieces (Louis head with Terror Dog shell, in collander scanner, pizza suitable for face rubbing, and big glass jar of popcorn)
– 6″ Marshmallow Mess Ray Stantz (with marshmallowed GB logo)
– 6″ GB2 Winston with slime blower

Release dates at the display are as follows;
– Vinz Clortho, March 2011
– Marshmallow Mess Ray, March 2011
– Ghostbusters 2 Movie Masters Winston and Peter, April 2011
– Egon with Lab Coat, May 2011
– Winston with Slime Blower, July 2011

Mattel has been talking about some special news tomorrow, Monday, so stay tuned. I’m posting a very small selection of pictures here – be sure to check out the gallery links above for all of today’s Mattel Ghostbusters pics.

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