Mattel responds to your gripes… er… feedback.

From MattyCollector’s Facebook status.

Hey Ghostbusters Fans! A few updates for you:
(1) 6″ “Slime Blower” Winston Zeddemore will have the movie 2 head shown on the 12″ figure.
(2) 12″ Peter Venkman will have a movie 2 uniform…and the name patches are swappable!
(3) We explored including a stethoscope with the “Ready to Believe You” Egon Spengler figure. It just wasn’t the …right size, so we moved forward without it to avoid product delays.

Plus, their big announcement about Ghostbusters turned out to be that “We’re bringing some A-list characters from across our toy lines, including MOTUC and Ghostbusters™, back to What are they? Check back closer to SDCC to find out!”

Which is a bit of a non-announcement. Thank heavens for the cool figures shown.

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