GB1 and GB2 prop cards!

Mass Hysteria (one guess what movie inspired their company name) creates attractive cards inspired by various movie, including, unsurprisingly, the Ghostbusters films. You can buy the cards for as little as £3 (Five bucks, roughly), but if you buy the limited edition cards for a little more, you get bonus props.

For Ghostbusters, the card is made to look like a car repair invoice made out to one Ray Stantz – the limited edition version comes with a copy of the EPA’s cease and desist order. And for Ghostbusters 2 the card advertises the upcoming gallery showing of a certain Carpathian painting. Buying the limited edition version will get you a slime covered business card of Janosz Poha.

I haven’t seen one in real life yet, but the photos look amazing, and I’m very tempted to pick up a couple for framing. Be sure to check out all their movie inspired cards at their website, and follow them on Twitter!

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