Sanctum of Slime dev diary and 3 new screens! [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] Turns out, in an earlier interview from a couple of weeks back, Williams revealed that the new Ecto is driven by Jeff, another Ghostbuster recruit that you don’t get to play. Thx to Herr Crypt for the link.

Behaviour Santiago (developers of the upcoming Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime video game) Creative Director, David Williams, has posted a short dev blog post at the US Playstation website. In it, he talks specifically about the simplified, fast-and-fun game mechanics, why the little ghosts don’t need trapping, and even the names of the four new rookies; Allan, Bridget, Samuel, and Gabriel.

Introducing Allan, Bridget, Samuel and Gabriel – the new ghost bustin’ team here to clear the overwhelmed city of New York from an ectoplasmic infestation. They packing a new arsenal of cool prototype weapons that Egon has been designing over the past decade. Egon’s and Ray’s studies on paranormal entities have revealed that ectoplasm can be charged with different sub-atomic charges, making ghosts weaker to different energy frequencies.

Read the whole blog post at the Sony Playstation website. Thanks to Toad for the heads up.

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