Sanctum of Slime Q&A – no accidental stream crossing, 3 new pics!

TVG sat down with Atari producer for Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime, Jonathan Moses, to talk a bit about the game. The article features a few, new screens, but they’re tiny. Fortunately, I was able to pull out the larger sized versions for you here.

It’s an interesting read – a couple of things of note are that Moses says there will be 14 levels – the current official fact sheet says 12. Also of note is that given the crazy, Smash TV type gameplay, crossing the streams would be not only inevitable, but constant – the team tried implementing some consequences, but in the end abandoned it as not fun, and instead beams cross over and under one another, thanks to the rookie team’s “training”.

After the intensive training process all rookies go through before their first mission, they all know to instinctively avoid crossing the streams… and the streams really don’t touch (just over/under). From the gameplay side, we iterated on a few different consequences, but in the end felt it disrupted the pace of the action too much. What we’ve ended with is a game that is both true to the brand – but more importantly, a blast to play.

Moses also addresses the use of new team members, which it turns out were included so as to not interfere with any future Ghostbusters canon. One would imagine this is in addition to the logistics involved in including the original characters, their voices or likenesses, etc.

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