Cleanin’ Up The Town posts new clip sampler!

Slowly be surely, Anthony Bueno and Co. are working to wrap up their Ghostbusters documentary, Cleanin’ Up the Town. And just to remind us that they’re out there and are awesome, Anthony has posted a new short clip;

Firstly, we’re busy planing our next trip which will hopefully finish off the interviews. It’s been a tricky few months juggling work but we’re back on tack so it won’t be long now!

Here is the link to a clip I’ve put together. It’s with Dr. Ciaran O’Keeffe (Of Most Haunted) Parapsychologist and fan of Ghostbusters, and Catherine Reitman, daughter of Ivan and Girl with the Puppy in GB 2!

We had a great time with Ciaran a few days ago and wanted to share a bit with you all. Anyone wanting to know more about what a genuine Ghostbuster does then check out his web site

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