Ernie Hudson gives a shout-out to the New Orleans GBs and other teams

Talking to The Miami New Times prior to appearing at this weekend’s Wizard World Miami Comic Convention, Ernie talked about about why he got into attending conventions and gives a nod to all the GB franchises out there.

You’re coming down to comic con?

I never even heard of these conventions until maybe like ten years ago, and they have them all over the world. I’ve done conventions in Europe and I’ve done them in Asia, they have them everywhere. I don’t do a lot of them. It’s almost interactive where you can literally go there and the person who you saw in Star Wars is there. You can go over, you can say hello, you can connect, you can talk to them. Years ago, if you saw a movie star, you’d never get the chance to come face to face, meet them, have a conversation.

I was in New Orleans, and there’s a New Orleans chapter, all the states have a chapter of Ghostbusters now, it’s amazing how it’s grown. So they all went to dinner, we get a chance to hang out, and get a chance to meet the fans who see the movie, and that’s really a lot of fun. I think for a lot of us actors, we get a chance to go someplace we haven’t been to meet people and it’s a safe environment to do it. If I’m on the street, and came up to me and wanted to tell me about when they saw The Crow, I tend to back up because I don’t know who these people are. I’m looking forward to coming down to Miami, and I haven’t been there in years, so it’ll be a lot of fun.

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