Ghostheads episode 21 is now online!

Has the dead of winter got you down? Wishing for Spring to come sooner? Then listen to the latest episode of Ghostheads!! Luke and Jason talk about latest from Mattel, Hot Wheels, the Oscars award show, and more!! Download the show from now!!

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“Two and a Half Ghostheads”

Opening – Minutes 0:44 – 4:40

Topics – Minutes 4:41 – 13:04

* Bill Murray has seen script … well the cover atleast
* Mattel wants input on next prop, and wants your help
* Ghostbusters Sanctum of Slime: Meet the Team Xbox achievements
* Hotwheels Elite Ecto-1 1/43 prototype pics released
* New fanfilm Real Ghostbusters ep

Word from our sponsor – Minutes 25:49 – 26:40

Closing – Minutes 34:16 – 40:13

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