Hot Wheels shows off 1/43 Elite Ecto

The Hot Wheels Elite website has posted pictures of their 1/43 scale prototype of the Ecto-1. About two inches longer in size than the typical Hot Wheels car (or indeed, the actual Hot Wheels Ecto from a couple of years back), there is an amazing amount of details in one small car. One can only imagine the detail we’ll find on the 1/18 scale.

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Ernie Hudson gives a shout-out to the New Orleans GBs and other teams

Talking to The Miami New Times prior to appearing at this weekend’s Wizard World Miami Comic Convention, Ernie talked about about why he got into attending conventions and gives a nod to all the GB franchises out there.

You’re coming down to comic con?

I never even heard of these conventions until maybe like ten years ago, and they have them all over the world. I’ve done conventions in Europe and I’ve done them in Asia, they have them everywhere. I don’t do a lot of them. It’s almost interactive where you can literally go there and the person who you saw in Star Wars is there. You can go over, you can say hello, you can connect, you can talk to them. Years ago, if you saw a movie star, you’d never get the chance to come face to face, meet them, have a conversation.

I was in New Orleans, and there’s a New Orleans chapter, all the states have a chapter of Ghostbusters now, it’s amazing how it’s grown. So they all went to dinner, we get a chance to hang out, and get a chance to meet the fans who see the movie, and that’s really a lot of fun. I think for a lot of us actors, we get a chance to go someplace we haven’t been to meet people and it’s a safe environment to do it. If I’m on the street, and came up to me and wanted to tell me about when they saw The Crow, I tend to back up because I don’t know who these people are. I’m looking forward to coming down to Miami, and I haven’t been there in years, so it’ll be a lot of fun.

Amy “The Guild” Okuda spoofs in Sexy GB outfit

When it gets right down to it, if you’re going to write a song that basically brags you’re taking the listener to bed (as Enrique Iglesias did), you deserved to be spoofed. Enter, who have created “Tonight I’m Frakkin’ You”, the geek equivalent to Enrique’s original. Geek-star studded with Richard “Apollo” Hatch and Kunal “Big Bang Theory” Nayyar, the video hits a high point when The Guild’s Amy Okuda enters frame as the, presumably, future frakee, dressed in a Rubie’s Sexy Ghostbuster outfit.

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A geek fantasy comes to life when one lucky nerd finds himself in Sci-fi’s hottest nightclub with every girl you’d ever want to frak.

Check out behind the scenes interviews footage on TheGameStation

and more BTS with SwiftKarateChop

Kunal Nayyar —

Matthew Brian Brown —

Alessandra Torressani —

Amy Okuda —

Richard Hatch —

Chad Vader –

Costumes by Adam Sapien & Jessica Sapien —

Music by Andy Margolis

Hair & Makeup by Cheyenne Webster

Special thanks


I’m like Kenobi
Seeking passage to Alderaan with you
We’ll watch Big Bang Theory
As you ride my TARDIS and call me Doctor Who

You’re into Cosplay (oooh)
Damn that’s one fine skin job on you.
Beam Me Up Hottie (oooo oooh)
My Vulcan Logic tells me its time to groove

Across the federation
My Jedi inclination
Tells me that I am a suitable mate for you
We Love Next Generation
Xbox over Playstation
Its time that I tap from your Mana Pool

Cause tonight I’m Frakking You
Whoa you know
That tonight I’m Frakking You
Whoa you know

Are You Gwen Stacey
My Spidey sense says I’d shoot my web all on you
I’m No Fergengi
I drop more coin than Mario on mushrooms

Your Dharma education
Delorean transporation
Revs my engine to warp speed like Mr. Sulu
Dollhouse’s cancellation
Hurt like Luke’s amputation
Its time to Mork Me and say Nanoo Nanoo

Cause tonight I’m Frakking You
Whoa you know
That tonight I’m Frakking You
Whoa you know

Ha! Kunal…
Let’s Meet Up In Naboo
We’ll roll around like R2-D2
You’ve set my phasers to stun
Cause your Sarlaac Pit’s
Got more spice in it
Than the planet Dune

From Asgard’s
Hallowed halls
Everybody big bangs Kunal
Gotham or Hogwarts
My Broad Sword’ll Be the one
Thing To Rule them all

Lets clone your body
Join them all together to form a Guild
and go on a Quest
We can use my expansion pack
Then I’ll take you down like Boba Fett
Up Up, Down Down
Left, Right, Left Right
B, A, Select then Start
Its time to one-up
Thirty lives with you, (cuz tonight I’m)

Cuz tonight I’m Frakking You
Whoa you know
That tonight I’m Frakking You
Whoa you know
That tonight I’m Frakking You