Other Underground Toys merch coming to North America soon!

I talked to Underground Toys that clarified that a lot of the merch I’d mentioned before is in fact currently and soon to be available in the UK, and they are working to bring it to North America shortly, so if you can wait, you can save yourself some shipping. I hope to hear more from them soon about future stuffies, etc. but in the meantime, they sent pics of all their other great stuff! Woohoo!

I really want one of those metal keychains.

Ghostbusters: The Drinking Game – Live in LA!

If you didn’t like the idea of people enacting Ghostbusters in a theater, either the first or the second time, you might like this idea more. Ghostbusters, the drinking game.

A group of Ghostbusters lovin’ 21+ year olds get together and a few give a reading of the film. Along the way, people are encouraged to participate – like yelling along. Or, if nothing else, drink when told.

This is in LA on Saturday, February 12th – you can read more about the event either at their Facebook page or at their website. It seems the group does this with various movies on a regular basis.

But, who would like something like this? Well, their pre-order tickets sold out in a couple of days, so the only way to attend is to buy at the door. So, a whole bunch of people like this apparently.

Thanks to Dan for the heads up!

Saturday, February 12 · 8:00pm – 11:00pm

The Next Stage Theater
1523 N LaBrea suite 208
Los Angeles, CA

******PreSale is now closed!*****
There will still be a limited number of tickets available at the door 7:30 evening of the show.
CASH ONLY! First come first serve.

One Night only drinking game/live reading of Ghostbusters. Beers are complimentary with the purchase of a Full Price Ticket ($15) or $10 tickets are available for designated drivers or if you BYOBeverage
…There will be mixers (cran, oj and coke) and water included in the price of your ticket.

(presale tickets are non-refundable and will be held until 5 minutes after the show sarts.)
–Tickets will be available at the Doors/Box office starting at 7:30 the night of the show. CASH ONLY!

Audience participation is encouraged.
Please drink and laugh responsibly.

21+ only

Ladies and Gents!!
If you have not already…. Please “Like” A Drinking Game (the host of this event) to be kept up to date about future drinking games!!!

Peter Venkman: Jeremy Guskin
Raymond Stantz: Allen Ruckert
Egon Spengler: Bob Bledsoe
Winston Zedmore: Alex Salem
Dana Barrett: Tara Jayn
Louis Tully: Anthony Lerner
Walter Peck: Jason Klamm
Janine Melnitz: Natalie Lynch
MC: Brett Schlank

Famous Monsters of Filmland commission exclusive take on Infestation

The recently revived Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine put its latest issue on the shelves today (#254) and what with their feature on the IDW Infestation series inside, not to mention a giant article on ZBrush 3D modeling in the effects industry, the magazine hired 3D artist Bryan Wynia to cook up an alternate, and appropriate cover.

click to see full size

Stupid zombie – you can’t eat a ghost.

If you can’t find this particular cover, don’t fret – the art is featured inside as part of the ZBrush feature.

Underground Toys reveal plush Stay-Puft, taking pre-orders. More merch planned.

UK maker of licensed merchandise, Underground Toys, has revealed their pair of “singing” Mr. Stay-Puft dolls, one angry and one happy. The singing is a sound chip in the figure’s tummy that plays the Ghostbusters theme when pressed.

Stores such as Entertainment Earth and Big Bad Toy Store are taking pre-orders on the dolls now, for $19.99 – $21.99. The dolls are listed as being available May 2011. Specialty shops will likely be offering them for pre-order soon – check with your local comic shop.

Beyond these figures, Underground Toys has not made any concrete announcements, but presumably if they Stay-Puft figure is a success, more, like a Slimer, will follow.

In December UT did reveal that they had extended their deal with Sony, giving them the rights to produce singing figures (check), mugs, keychains (UT makes both soundboard keychains and rubber figure keychains), stress balls (squishy stress relieving Slimer, anyone?), and cufflinks. Stay tuned!

[partial VIA GBNews.com]

Eurogamer Sanctum of Slime interview: OGBs appear, if not speak

Eurogamer sat down with Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime developers, Behavior Santiago, to talk a bit about the upcoming XBLA/PSN/PC digital download only game. While a decent length interview, it does have a couple of interesting things to say about the design of the game;

Eurogamer: In this game each of the four characters is a rookie that has been drafted in to help save New York. Some are disappointed they won’t play as the Ghostbusters from the movies. Is that important?

David Williams: The general story is that there is a demon that’s being resurrected in New York City and because of this process there are lots and lots of ghosts being drawn to New York from all over the world. This means that the original Ghostbusters team is pretty much overrun with work, so they’ve had to recruit these new rookies to help out.

The original team does take part in the game, but in the story sequences in-between the missions. They are there, but you don’t get to play the original characters.

Not only that, but you are now able to cross the streams to form stronger beams, and a familiar name returns to the Ghostbusters canon… and is the accidental bad-guy. Thanks for that little spoiler, Behavior Santiago (don’t read the last half of page three if you’d like to stay in the dark on this.)