2 days to GB Infestation – Dapper Dan, final covers, and previews! [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] The first issue came out today, Wednesday, and inside the Dapper Dan covers are officially designated as RI-B (retailer incentive B) – Basically, up to 25 copies ordered and the retailer gets one of the blank covers. Over that amount and they get, randomly, one of the sketch covers. My store ordered enough, but the incentive wasn’t included, apparently it will be shipped next week, so, time to quiz your local comic shop. Or, alternately, try and nab one of the blanks, and see if you can find Dan at a convention somewhere, sometime.

This Wednesday, Ghostbusters Infestation begins its two-issue contribution to the larger IDW series. To get ready, you can check out these exclusive preview pages over at MTV (three are covers, one is the title page, one is a PR page, but 5 are pages from the book.)

Speaking of the covers, Dapper Dan Schoening has, along with a number of other talented artists, sketched some one-of-a-kind cover issues – Dan says he has done 250 of them, which will be randomly sent out to comic shops.

I wanted to share with you some sketch covers I did for the upcoming IDW’s Ghostbusters Infestation #1! I’m super humbled to be apart of the project, and getting to sketch out GB characters is always exciting. In total I did 250 covers, and there are a few one offs of specific characters in there as well. Here’s a sampling of some of the covers. If you pick one up, let me know where and which cover! Cheers

Ghostbusters Infestation#1 hits stands March 9th!

Credits and Synopsis;

Erik Burnham (w) Kyle Hotz (a) Hotz, John K. Snyder III (c)
IDW’s Infestation event continues here in this bi-weekly two-part Ghostbusters tale! Thanks to a plague of poltergeists that resist long-term storage in the containment grid, the Ghostbusters are dealing with a surplus of work… and their job is only going to get harder when Britt’s zombies try to take a nibble out of the Big Apple! Written by Erik Burnham (The A-Team: War Stories) and illustrated by Kyle Hotz (Marvel Zombies).

And it doesn’t end there – IDW Editor in Chief, Chris Ryall, has posted the final covers for the conclusion to Infestation, due out in April. Cover B features one of our favs… “It’s right here, Ray. It’s looking at me.”

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