Franchise round-up

Time again to check in on all the awesome things various Ghostbusters franchises have going on.

First, the Philly GBs took part in the 2010 Autism Speaks charity event. We reported on this back in October of last year, but some new video has popped up.

Autism Speaks released a video recap of the 2010 Walk in Philadelphia on October 2, 2010. The Philadelphia Ghostbusters were part of that event after raising almost $3,000 for the cause. You can see our group along with some Steel City Ghostbusters in the video below at the 0:28 and 1:31 points.

Next up, Ghostbusters: Chicago Division is headed to the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo at McCormick Place, this weekend (starts Friday, the 18th). The guys will be in attendance for the entire show, showing off their new Portable Ecto-Containment Unit, and on Friday at 3PM on the Valiant Stage, they will be participating in a panel! Check out these promo videos they shot (could this be the start of a new must for all franchises – promo videos prior to events?)

Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night that aren’t coming from the nearby “L” track? Have no fear, the Ghostbusters: Chicago Division are here! Come join your troop outside the loop for a Q&A on all things Ghostbustin’ related. How did the team start? What ghosts have they saved Chicago from? Why is it that a proton pack is not a toy? Get the answers straight from the mouths of your local Ghostbusters.

The Louisiana Ghostbusters have posted their own season wrap-up, and there was a LOT going on. They met up with the Houston Area and Mississippi GBs for a variety of events as part of the Carnival Season (think, Mardi Gras), raising well over $1000 for the American Cancer Society and APAWS animal rescue!

Don’t forget, they will be at this Sunday’s Ghostbusters screening in Baton Rouge! Oh, and you haven’t done charity work as a Ghostbuster franchise until you’ve done at least ONE kids birthday party (He-man! He-man! He-man!)

(someone send me a name plate, would you – this is too amazing a gathering to not figure out who is who)

Be sure to check out all their event pics at their website.

Finally (I think – have I missed anyone?) The Steel City Ghostbusters took part in Pittsburgh’s St. Patrick’s parade this past weekend. They have a giant photo gallery on Facebook. Bonus cool points for handing out these awesome coupons to the crowds that turned out to watch.

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