Geek-Art round-up

My buddy Taylor loves trawling online art sites, and when he finds something Ghostbustery, he always sends it my way. Today, he found

Remember that color digital watch, back in the early 90s, that you could play video games on? No? That’s because it never existed, but it if did, it would probably have this as a game (by Joel Winters).

Why has nobody thought to make a Ghostbusters kids book? Besides selling to both fans, collectors AND parents, who better to tell kids not to fear the thing under the bed than the Ghostbusters? (by Mister Hope)

Take a moment to look at Tom Fowler’s other art – it’s absolutely gorgeous. That he depicts the guys – in the strongest balance of comic-style and movie accurate I’ve seen in awhile – is just a bonus.

Other posts at Geek-Art include Joseph Senior’s excellent CGI Hello Kitty figures and this amazing poster – I don’t know that it would have brought in audiences back in the 80s, but today, with 20/20 nostalgia, it’s pretty darn amazing.

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