Mattel sells Vinz, will reveal next GB prop at SDCC, Stay-Puft a possibility.

Matty Collector began selling their Vinz Clortho 6″ figure (complete with interchangeable “possessed” and “science experiment” heads, and a Terror Dog mask – it’s a stone terror dog helmet, really), March’s official Club Ecto-1 figure.

As well, they’ve released a series of Ask Matty Q&A’s to a number of sites, which revealed the following;

– The next GB prop will be revealed at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con this Summer. Any guesses? This will be their main revealing for all lines this year, with small cons getting one or two figs.

– They are very interested in making a Mr. Stay-Puft, but there are practical considerations involved, and not a question of sales for the Ghostbusters line.

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