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Hot Wheels Collector reveals exclusive 1/64 scale Ecto! On sale next week!

By on Apr 21, 2011 in ECTOMOBILE, Featured, MERCH | 0 comments

Mattel owned Hot Wheels have unveiled an exclusive 1/64 scale Ecto-1 – the car, which is the same scale as the San Diego Comic Con Ecto-1 or the carded retail Ecto-1 from last year, actually goes on sale next Tuesday. This car is not to be confused with the Hot Wheels Elite die-cast Ectos that are coming up soon as well. But there’s a...

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First look at #1 cover for IDW Ghostbusters monthly!

By on Apr 21, 2011 in ART, COMICS, Featured, GB | 0 comments

Sorry, front page readers – you’ll have to read the full article see Winston. I just couldn’t make him fit in a horizontal banner. IDW sent over this first look at the first cover of the first issue for IDW’s monthly Ghostbusters series, starting in September. If you haven’t spoken to your local comic shop about bringing this in for you...

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1954 Ghost Busters t-shirt design at Threadless

By on Apr 20, 2011 in ART, FANS, VIDEO | 0 comments

Remember the 1954 Ghost Busters trailer? How would you like that on a t-shirt? That very thing is up for judging at Threadless right now. The design is modeled after The Atlantic cover from the original movie, but features the Premake actors, Bob Hope, Fred McMurray, and Dean Martin. And before you get your nose bent out of shape, Ivan, who directed the trailer,...

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