Bill Murray has NOT signed on for GB3… and GB4.

See, this is why people without sense shouldn’t make April Fools day jokes. April Fools day jokes have to either be close to believable, but contain a hint of the absurd to give it away, or they have to be absurd, but contain a kernel of something we all wish were true.

When you post that Bill Murray is signed up for Ghostbusters 3 as well as a fourth movie, well, you’ve made it close to believable with a kernel of something we all wish were true. Which means the minute you say, “April Fools” (say, by putting an April Fools tag on the article… because most people read tags, right?), a lot of people are going to think you’re a bunch of jerks.

But that’s not the main problem.

The biggest problem with creating a weak joke like this is that, if, say, other websites were to repost the story, but NOT include the April Fools tag, then there’s nothing to inform a lot of hopeful people that it’s not real. They will become confused and agitated, as their brain wants to believe it, while at the same time repeating, over and over, “But it’s April Fools, but it’s April Fools…”

Which is why I’m posting this. Nothing has changed with Schrodinger’s Garfield the Cat – Ghostbusters 3 is still an un-collapsed wave of potential until Bill Murray picks up and reads the script. Which is still likely, but may never happen. Take hold of the fact it may still happen and treasure it. But don’t get suckered.

Moviefone wouldn’t know a good April Fools joke to save the life of a child.

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