New IDW monthly teaser – project team revealed.

IDW has sent out a new teaser poster for their upcoming Ghostbusters monthly (coming this September) – and unlike the last teaser, this one has the project credits at the top. Most of these guys have at one time or another done different jobs in the industry, but I’m taking a totally unofficial, unconfirmed stab at who’s doing what (with one exception.)

Erik Burnham – writer on Ghostbusters: Infestation.
Dapper Dan Schoening – artist of note
Luis Antonio Delgado – colorist on Ghostbusters: Infestation.
Tom Waltz – editor.
Tristan Jones – A nice surprise, for those that are familiar with Jones’ other comic work (TMNT), his art contributions to Cereal Geek, and his ongoing, spec Tobin’s Spirit guide over at GBFans. His part in the monthly comic is harder to speculate than the others. Back-up stories? Do the writers/artists alternate? Are they going to run his Tobin’s creature files? (shrug)

Sadly (and speaking of Cereal Geek Magazine), this highlights an omission, that of James Eatock, who, with Schoening, pitched themselves to IDW, were turned down, and then grassrooted themselves into a back-up holiday story in the IDW Ghostbusters TPB collection of their Ghostbusters issues.

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