Gozer costume up for sale.

Readers will recall a year back, when Steven Kirk discovered the original Gozer costume hanging on a lonely rack of unknown costumes. Originally he spoke of restoring it, but it looks like he’s opted to sell it, as it’s the one and only Ghostbusters item in the upcoming Profiles in History auction.

1129. SLAVITZA JOVAN “GOZER” COSTUME FROM GHOSTBUSTERS. (Columbia, 1984) Slavitza Jovan’s hero screen-worn “Gozer” costume from the thrilling climaz of the film. “Gozer”
struts out of the temple appearing before the Ghost Busters and uttering the famous line, “…Are you a God?” This beautiful costume consists of a custom-made nude bodystocking with integral mesh covered high heel shoes. Completely covered in vacuformed plastic bubbles ranging from ½ in. to 1 in. diameter, plastic and glass jewels and filament angel hair. This impressively made costume piece truly appears to be from another parallel
dimension! $8,000 – $12,000

Thanks to Ed Hartman for the heads up. The full-size image as it appears in the auction catalogue PDF is below. A quick look and it’s easy to confirm it’s the same costume Kirk found, which in turn was visually confirmed to be from the film. I’ve created a gallery of pictures of the costume on Facebook.

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