LAGBs announce fan-film award – filmmakers take note.

Starting mid-May, the Louisiana Ghostbusters will start taking submissions for their first Ghostbusters fan film awards, The Golden Ghost Awards AKA The Ghosties (You can read up on their site, but here are the basics;

Purpose of the Contest: Louisiana Ghostbusters wishes to foster interest and recognition for fans of Ghostbusters who have committed their passion, dedication, and fandom to produce some of the best fan films available in any franchise or genre.

General Explanation of the Contest: Everything will be done via the Internet. There will be no awards show or in-person presentation of the award.

-First an announcement will release the application page URL showing filmmakers where they can apply to enter the contest. The rules will be laid out and finalized by then and there will be a 2-week period of consideration and acceptance/declination of all submissions.

-Voting will begin after that period. Anyone can vote once using their email account as a login. Voters will be able to pick more than one favorite. Details below.

– At the end of voting, around mid June, the Winner and Runner-Up will be announced. Awards will ship promptly to the winners shortly thereafter. If more than 12 applications are accepted into the contest, the top 5 vote-receiving films will be presented with award certificates declaring them among the top 5 fan favorite Ghostbuster fan films of the last half-decade.

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