Dapper Dan-style animated advert!

advert from Andrew Murray on Vimeo.

Animator Andrew Murray sent in this homage he made to Ghostbusters and the art of Dan Schoening – basically he used Dan’s Ghostbusters as a style reference and then did a loose animation using the Ghostbusters TV commercial audio from the movie. I dig it!

This is a good time to remind people that IDW’s monthly Ghostbusters comic, starting in September, needs your support. Sales and in particular pre-sales, help dictate the time and attention IDW devotes to the franchise. Meaning, if it’s successful, they will do even more great stuff with it. If it’s not (even an “well, I wait and see what the reviews are like.” attitude will impact it’s success), they’ll just make more Transformers books. So, swing by your local shop OR hit up your favorite online comic dealer (Graham Cracker Comics for example) and put your money where your mouth is!

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